Birth Certificate

27 February, 2012 in BB Diary (BB日記) | Comments (1)

We finally got Cianah’s birth certificate today, we chose a package which included a fancy certificate for display and one as a real thing. Chris chose a pink bunny one as Cianah is a ‘Year of Rabbit’. We plan to put it in a frame and display in her room.

Today Cianah is 38 days old and we visit our GP today and she’s 4.2kg already! She has put on almost 700 grams in 20 days! She grows so fast… she still needs to be fed around 2 to 3 feed every night so I tried to get as much as sleep as possible. But I found harder to fall asleep at night as I often has heat rash at night due to breastfeeding. So I tried to have little naps during the day as much as I can. Thank you to my mum to look after Cianah while I’m catching up sleep… It is easier for me to get grumpy now (due to lack of sleep), sorry Chris for getting grumpy at you quite often lately.

Cianah also started to have tears when cry… no more fake crocodile tears!!

Real tears!

Little foot!

Day 38 Cianah

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  1. Comment by dan — 29 February, 2012 at 6:26 pm  

    she is so big now… compare to when she was born….. oh… i want a huggy

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